academicSomali Youth United is rooted in the campaign of education for a better tomorrow. SYU seeks to imprint in the young minds of our students in the community that education is a beautiful thing, and when nourished and replenished daily through studies it will blossom into infinite possibilities.

This program’s goal is to bridge the technological, academic and cultural gaps that face our immigrant youth within the San Diego community. We have offered a variety of programs that served community members of every age and background. Our computer education program, academic after-school tutoring, and Somali language literacy, were the cornerstone of this effort to raise computer literacy and offer academic tutoring to low-income children and teenagers.

Somali Youth United’s aims is to provide a guidance to the youth in our community to challenge themselves to excel in their academics. SYU is in development stage in working with college and high school students in mentoring the youth to join forces and form a network to achieve higher education.

Cultural Education is also another important goal of Somali Youth United’s core mission. SYU feels culture and heritage preservation are invaluable commodity. In todays’s societies, we find that children, and teens are losing touch with their roots, their sense of identity. Somali Youth United believes that through heritage and cultural education our children shall be our savior and redemption for peace. This is why Somali Youth United is proud to host the Annual Youth Scholarship essay seminar, and the Annual Youth Cultural Night Seminar, in which participants compete for scholarship grant money, Gift cards, Ipod players and movie tickets, as they are tested or express themselves.