The San Diego African Culture Fest, formerly known as the Somali American Cultural Festival emphasizes the vital role arts, culture and learning play in our communities and how they connect us all. It also broadens the discourse around culture by tying in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) related exhibits and activities through a culturally relevant lens. Within the diverse international population of City Heights, we have found that there is a strong need for increased support and sustainability of arts and culture programming as well promoting the acquisition of skills to keep our young people and region globally minded and competitive.

In its twelfth successful iteration last year, this awareness-raising event drew over 3,500 residents and we anticipate an increase in attendance because of its popularity.  The San Diego African Culture Fest allows our diverse African community an opportunity to celebrate, share and preserve its cultural heritage, traditional music and arts.  Somali Youth United (SYU), a non-profit organization, hosts this cultural event to unite the African immigrant/refugee community, African-Americans and people from all walks of life here in San Diego. This unique event has allowed SYU to create a bridge of understanding and break down cultural myths and stereotypes through cultural and intellectual exchange and fellowship.