Tea & Talk

Fadhiga San Diego African Community Tea & Talk discussion

The Fadhiga (The Seating)  Tea & Talk series aims to promote inclusion and cooperation in San Diego’s diverse African Community.  In 2014, we plan on a monthly, 2 hour focused conversation on a specific topic with facilitation by an expert in the field.  These monthly meetings will begin in January and run till December and look to develop an open dialogue amongst its participants, improving multi-generational relationships, and empower the community, civically, economically and politically, while charting a course for the next generation.

For over 35 years, the African refugee and immigration community in San Diego has grown in population, but has not yet been able to bring the community together to leverage its strength.  The Tea & Talk format will allow for various viewpoints teaand insights to come together to build mutual respect and understanding.  From this new set of shared values and experience we can create strategy and tactics for a vision with long-term community benefits. In this forum for cultural and intellectual exchange, topics will be chosen by representatives from all levels and sectors of the community; elders, youth, students, professionals, working class, faith traditions etc.  All will have a place and a voice in the Fadhiga Tea & Talk series.

It’s time to envision how we could utilize our strength, cultural heritage and combined wisdom. It’s time to help elevate the youth in our community and bring together our elders. With open mindedness we can mend our differences, seek mutual agreements, and strengthen our collective power without the fear of being left out, or being chastised.  We must not allow ego, mistrust or petty differences to continue to impede our progress and prevent our potential from being actualized.  Only through a spirit of mutual cooperation will we be able to take our rightful place in the community and work with the larger San Diego region from a position of solidarity and power.

Join us in this first step of a long journey towards a brighter future for our entire African community, regardless of religion, class, national origin or any other artificial difference.  We hope to see you at our introductory session of the Fadhiga Tea & Talk series as we work together to change our collective future. As Denis Waitley a motivational speaker and writer said “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”